The Indiesew Fall/Winter 2017 Collection Blog Tour
The Release Of The Burnside Bibs Pattern!
A Thailand Vacation With A Bit Of Textile Shopping And Research
Bridgetown Dress in Jersey: Finishing
Bridgetown Dress in Jersey: Sleeves, Side Seams, & Skirt
Bridgetown Dress in Jersey: Bodice and Facings
Bridgetown Dress in Crepe: Finishing
Bridgetown Dress in Crepe: Sleeves, Side Seams, & Skirt
Bridgetown Dress in Crepe: Bodice and Facings
Get Ready For The Bridgetown Backless Sew-Along!
The Style Maker Spring 2017 Blog Tour
The Sewing Community Gives Back!
A Fuzzy, Hairy, Cozy Wool Jenna Cardigan!
Tea House Top & Dress: Side Seam, Cuffs, & Finishing
Tea House Top & Dress: Yoke Facing
Tea House Top & Dress: Assembly
Tea House Top & Dress: Pockets and Ties
Tea House Top & Dress: Front & Back Yokes
Tea House Top & Dress: Pattern and Fabric Preparation
Tea House Top & Dress: Supplies
Fit And Fabrics For Your Tea House Dress/Top
The Indiesew 2016 Fall/Winter Collection Blog Tour
Toaster Sweater Sew-Along: Version Two
Toaster Sweater Sew-Along: Version One