The Free Range Slacks Are Now Available In New Curvy Sizes 18 - 34!


   Hello everyone. I hope you are all well and staying sane during this self isolation period. Again it has been a while since I have blogged and it has been a crazy few months so far this year. To be honest, I have been really confused about how to proceed during these times. It feels so strange to be promoting products and consumption considering the state the world is in currently. However, I also understand the power of self care and if we are going to be stuck at home in self isolation, sewing could be a superpower that keeps us sane - #isewlation. I am also very excited to finally be able to release a pattern with more inclusive sizing. It's something I have wanted to do since I started Sew House Seven almost six years ago but only recently was able to give it the attention it needed to do it justice.

     I have been working for more than a year behind the scenes to get some of my existing styles, as well as some new ones, fit in the new curvy size range 18 - 34. The process has taken me quite a while as I spent a lot of time decision making about how the fit would be, the size range, etc. I must thank my pattern testers for all of their help because I made adjustments to my fit and size range after working with them and I have to say that I have learned so much in the process. I also ordered a size 24 mannequin that took months to receive. Anyhow, I am thrilled that I finally have my first pattern (The Free Range Slacks pdf pattern) ready and I have some others that are hot on it's heels so stay tuned. 

Hayley is wearing the tapered version #1 in olive green, organic cotton twill. Hayley is 5'4" and is wearing size 24 with no modifications other than shortening the hem 1.5".

Version #2 in natural linen from . Hayley is 5'4" and is wearing size 24. No modifications were made other than shortening the hem 1.5". Even though they are cropped, we kept the hem somewhat long as it looked best on her figure when wearing a cropped top or tucked-in blouse.

 Again - Version #2 on Hayley who is 5'4" and is wearing size 24. No modifications were made other than shortening the hem 1.5". 


 About the new Curvy Fit - The curvy fit is different from the original fit. Where the original fit graded in height (just a bit) and the shoulders got a little broader and the sleeves and legs a little longer, the curvy fit does not grade in height. When comparing the size 18 original fit and the 18 curvy fit, the shoulders are a little narrower, the waist grades a little more between sizes and the hips are slightly larger. I may do cup size grading on certain styles that are more fitted, it will depend on the style. Below is a chart demonstrating the difference between the two fits. This is important for those who fall into the size 18 - 20 range as those sizes are offered in both fits but are quite different from each other. 



     If you are looking for the Free Range Slacks Curvy Fit on my website, it is offered along with the original size pdf pattern. If you ordered the pattern previously, you will be getting an update with the Curvy Fit files. In other words, you get both size ranges when you purchase a pattern that comes in both size ranges.  Only the pdf version is available at this time.

     I will not be going back and updating all of my styles, however, going forward, both size ranges will be offered for all styles. Be on the lookout for the Underwood Tank and the Burnside Bibs that will be available very soon. 

    Thank you for reading. Stay well and happy sewing!