The Release of the Free Range Slacks Pattern!


Hello Sewing Friends!

     I am thrilled, excited, exhausted, and relieved to finally release my latest pattern - the FreeRange Slacks! Contrary to the name, the pattern isn't FREE but rather FREERANGE. However, it is 20% off in the shop right now through June 20th and there is no code needed for the discount. It's a pdf only right now. The paper patterns will be available in July. I just couldn't wait that long so I decided to release the pdf first.


   So not only am I bringing back the term "slacks" which are defined as trousers for casual wear, I am also thrilled to take part in the come-back of the elastic waistband. I can't tell you how happy I was to find that elastic waist pants are so popular right now! I have put on some weight that I can't seem to take off in this past year. After making quite a few pairs of tight fitting pants that no longer fit, I needed something new to wear but couldn't quite commit to making another pair of fitted pants because.... will I take the weight off, put more on or is this the new normal for me. Anyhow, I have been wearing my Free Range Slacks nonstop lately - so comfy! I should add that you don't have to be going through a weight fluctuation like me to enjoy elastic waist pants - I think they look great on everyone and lots of women of all sizes are wearing them now as well. I tried to design them so they look comfortable yet stylish - not like you've given up and are just wearing pajamas. Here is some inspiration showing similar styles I found on Pinterest.

     So let's get to the details. This pattern offers two versions - a tapered leg......

- and a straight, cropped leg.

Both have side panels, front pockets, high rise elastic waist and an optional back pocket(s).

- The tapered leg version looks great rolled up so there is an option in the instructions to flat-fell the side seams and make a partial french seam on the lower inseam so the insides look pretty when exposed at the hem. You can also just sew those seams up the standard, easy way.  

- The front pockets are attached from behind and stitched down so there are no floppy pockets bulking up the insides. 

- The side panels were created for a less bulky side - no side seam running right over the hip, eliminating  bulk and width to the appearance at the sides. It also makes the rear appear smaller with a seam to break up an otherwise blank area not to mention it makes placing the optional back pockets easier - just put them in the side seam. 

- The elastic waist was designed to be centered over the belly button. These look great with a crop top or with your top tucked in. 

     This pattern is currently only available in the standard size range - 00 - 20, however, I will be working on the extended sizes over the course of the summer so stay tuned.

I would love to see your FreeRange Slacks! You can post on IG using #freerangeslacks and tag us at #sewhouse7. 

Enjoy - Cheers!