Pattern Errata

125 Tea House Top & Dress (the original printed pattern with the red dress on the cover) has an error on page 6 of the instructions. In step one under the Box Pleat section, it should read  - folding the BACK in half vertically down the center (wrong sides together) NOT right sides together. 

Also, the original pattern called for 1 of each interfacing piece to be cut on the fold but the instructions and layout call for 2. The newer version has been updated to have one front and one back interfacing piece cut that attaches to the facing only.

125 Tea House Top & Dress (the newly printed pattern with the blue dress on the cover) has an error on the back cover under fabric requirements. It states, "Allow extra fabric if matching stripes & plaids, using border prints or stripe direction changes as on the cover photo." However, the cover photo has changed to a solid blue fabric and doesn't show stripe direction changes.

125 Tea House Top & Dress (all versions) The Pocket pattern piece F has a grainline that is straight and parallel with the outer/side edge of the pocket. If you are pattern matching or stripe matching to the front piece A, you will need to adjust the grainline.


110 Toaster Sweaters (all printed versions) -Toaster #2 instructions starting on page 12 - 15 refers to the pattern pieces as A, B, C instead of G,H, I. Whenever piece A is referenced, it should say G, B should be H and C should be I. PDF files are correct.

110 Toaster Sweaters (the original paper printed version; any purchased after May 2017 have been corrected) has two pattern errors, one instructional error & two finished garment measurement errors.

1.BOTTOM BAND (E) size Large and XLarge  - should have double notches on both sides of the BOTTOM BAND however, the double notches on the bottom side of the size Large were accidentally moved to the XL. The bottom side should look identical to the top side.  

2. The Sleeve (I) size small - the line is a solid line and should be dashed like the rest of the small lines indicated in the key. The pdf files are correct.

3. Page 10, step 2 of attaching the cuff - Where the instructions state, "Because of the small circumference of the sleeve opening, you will need to be able to fit the CUFF around the arm of the sewing machine." This is an incorrect statement - please disregard it.

4. The back envelope and page 2 of the instructions have incorrect finished garment measurements for the bottom band width of Toaster #1 and the finished bust measurement in centimeters (sizes L, XL & XXL only) for Toaster #2 . The correct measurements are as follows:

Toaster #1 finished bottom band

XS - 32.25"/ 82cm; S - 34.25"/ 87cm; M - 36.25"/ 92cm; L - 39.25"/ 99.7cm; 

XL - 43.375"/ 110.2cm; XXL - 47.5"/ 120.7

Toaster #2 finished bust

L - 115.5cm; X - 124.5cm; XXL - 134.5cm


103 The Bridgetown Backless the paper printed version - the cutting layout on page 5 and 6 only goes up to size 18 and it should say 20.