About Us

Hello! My name is Peggy and I had been designing and making patterns in the apparel industry for many years up until 2014 when I launched Sew House Seven. I started my own business as I felt the need to return to my sewing roots. Creating patterns for clothing that I want to sew and wear brings me so much satisfaction. I also thrive on the idea that these patterns are just the first step of the design process where the customer can build upon the design and make it their own. I absolutely love how this business lets me connect with other makers who love creating as much as I do.

Along with me, Sew House Seven is currently comprised of two other part-time employees. Callie & BeckyJo help make this little company sing as well as keep me sane.

Sew House Seven is an independent pattern company grown in the Pacific Northwest. Our focus is on creating beautiful sewing patterns that can be made up rather quickly and easily yet, appeal to sewists of all levels. The pattern instructions are very detailed and provide an opportunity to learn while sewing.  Most styles have a special design feature that make them unique.

I hope these patterns inspire you. I look forward to seeing some of your creations!