About Us


My name is Peggy and I had been designing and making patterns in the apparel industry for many years up until 2014 when I started Sew House Seven. I started my own business as I felt the need to return to my sewing roots. I love how this business lets me connect with other makers who love creating.

 Like most of you, I constantly look for the right balance between work, family and play.   I am a wife and mother of a young boy and I have a strong passion for outdoor sports.  I really love to sew but at this point in my life, I find that if my projects take longer than a few days, I may not ever finish them.  

Sew House Seven is a small Independent pattern company.  My focus is on however, not limited to creating beautiful women's sewing patterns for beginners that can be sewn up rather quickly yet appeal to sewists of all levels.  The pattern instructions are very detailed and provide an opportunity to learn while sewing.  Each style has a special design feature that makes it unique and appealing to any level of sewist.  After all, a good design is a good design no matter how simple.

I hope these patterns inspire you.  I look forward to seeing some of your creations!