Bridgetown Dress in Jersey: Finishing

Hello stitchers! Today we finish our Bridgetown dress! This is the shortest entry of the sew-along; we are simply joining the bodice and skirt, and installing our elasticized waist.

First, we sew up the bodice to the skirt, right sides together, at 1" (top of page 15). I used the lightning bolt stitch for strength. Making sure there are no puckers in this seam, clip those long facing ends, and then finish this raw edge:

Stitching from either the public or inner side of the garment, stitch down this finished raw edge to the skirt side. In this case, I switched to a narrow zig zag (1.0mm wide and 2.5mm wide). Since the skirt is a rectangular piece, this stitching line is very easy, as there is no ease to gather here. I sewed from the wrong side. Go slowly, making sure to adjust so this is a nice, even seam. Leave open a small opening toward the back side of the dress (bottom of page 15):

Here is the waist tunnel seam - gorgeous!

Next, cut your length of elastic (waist measurement), and grip it with your threader (or if you're old school - use a safety pin).

Pull the elastic through this channel. You can either thread the elastic carefully (as I did for the crepe version), or do your best, and un-twist the elastic after you've installed it. In any case, I usually thread, baste the elastic ends together, and then double-check that I've no twisting in the elastic.

I like a very firm zig zag for elastic. With a wider elastic, I would use a fagoting-style join - but this simple zig zag is fine here.

All that remains, is to sew the waist channel closed, after distributing the elastic evenly through the channel (bottom of page 16):

You've finished your dress! Congratulations!


How did you like the process? You can post pictures of your creations either here, Instagram #bridgetownbacklessdress - or on the Facebook page!