The Burnside Bibs Pattern Is Now Available In The New Curvy Fit - Sizes 18 - 34!

     It's been a long time coming but I am so happy to say that the Burnside Bibs are finally available in the new Curvy Fit sizes 18-34 as a pdf pattern - yay! This is one of my best selling styles and it is such a great addition to any wardrobe and just in time for spring. To celebrate, the Burnside Bibs pdf pattern is on SALE now through May 17th - no code needed. 

     When you purchase the Burnside Bibs pattern, you will get both the Standard Fit sizes 00 - 20 and Curvy Fit sizes 18 - 34. If you have already purchased teh pdf pattern, you should receive an email with an update to the link with both sizes. If you find that you fall in the overlapping sizes 18 & 20, you may want to look at the size guide to decide which fit is right for you as they are a bit different. In a nutshell, the Curvy Fit is a little wider in the waist and longer in the rise than the Standard Fit sizes 18 & 20. 

     The model Hayley is 5'5" and wearing a size 24. Her measurements put her as a size 22 for her bust and shoulders however, the size 24 bib worked fine on her without any adjustments other than shortening the pant hem 1". We left the cropped hem a little long as it looked best proportionally on her. I will be assessing how well the Curvy Fit version of the Burnside Bibs is received before deciding if it will also be offered in paper form.  

     Of course I couldn't have done this without pattern testers. I was fitting on a dress form but it's just not the same as seeing it on actual bodies and getting their feedback. Here are just a few of the tester photos. Enjoy!


 Pattern tester Aaronica.

Pattern tester Whitney.


Pattern tester Sue.