The Release Of The Burnside Bibs Pattern!



Hello everyone! 

     I can't believe it's that time again! Time to release a new pattern, have a sale and write a blog post. I'm so excited to introduce the Burnside Bibs overalls pattern!  Before I get into the details of the pattern may I just say that true to form, I am already second guessing myself. This time, it's not about the pattern itself but rather the name. "The Burnside Bibs" is starting to sound a little to me like a condition. "I'm sorry, I can't go out with you because I have the Burnside Bibs." OR "I ate too much and I have the Burnside Bibs." When I came up with the name, it sounded really rippin' to me like "YAAAA- BURNSIDE BIBS!" Anyhow, maybe it's a good attention getter or maybe nobody will even notice. I'm sticking with the name though - because I like it AND the pattern envelopes are already at the printer.

     So back to the important stuff...the Burnside Bibs pattern is my version of overalls (requested by a good friend). I wore overalls throughout my jr. high school days and again later after college when I was a back-pack traveller. This time I've done them a little differently than the traditional Big Mac, farmer version. These overalls are meant to be more feminine and updated with a wide leg, a cropped version and ties that help create back waist gathers. My husband won't be wearing these anytime soon. My intent was to make them fun but not too juvenile and I hope I achieved that. 

     I should add that the degree of difficulty for this pattern is intermediate. However, a few of the test sewers were beginners and they were able to make them. The invisible zipper on version #1 and the facings would be the most difficult part. The rest is just lots of straight stitching and topstitching.

     The pattern is currently only in pdf, print yourself form. I really wanted to release it earlier in the spring and so I've just lost patience and put the pdf out there while the paper version is at the printer.  The paper version should be ready sometime in July. There is a SALE on this pattern in the shop now thru June 15th with code BURN25 to receive 25% off at checkout. I will run another sale once the paper patterns come in.

     The pattern shows two versions but everything can be mixed around. The main difference between the two styles is that Version #1 has back darts and an invisible side zipper. It still has a little gathering at the back waist but is somewhat fitted. Version #2 doesn't have a closure to sew and has more back waist gathering because you pull it on over your hips. A few testers found it too full in the back so I made the darted version. I kind of prefer the loose fit, although, it is nice to have a side zipper. I also think that if you make the side zipper, darted version and don't want to mess with ties, you could secure the back straps at the length and placement you want and then do away with the belt loops and ties.

     I wore the green, loose fitting pair out the other day and I had three different women stop me and ask where I bought them. One lady yelled, "Oh my - how cute are you in those!" at me from across the grocery store and then came and inspected them. 


Above are the Version #2 bottoms (loose fitting back with no closure - slip on). It has back pockets and a scoop bib from Version #1 mixed with it. The lovely model Nicola is in between a size 2 and size 4. This is a size 4 so it's a bit more roomy on her than on me. It's shown in Robert Kaufman Essex Linen/cotton - color jungle.

By the way... all of these pretty photos are by Katharine T. Jacobs photography. Check her out - she's so talented.

 Above is another Version #2 with a scooped Version 1 Bib. The length is in between cropped and long and the ties are a little wider than they are supposed to be; I narrowed the tie pattern after these were made. It's shown in Art Gallery Crosshatch Textured Denim - color Babbling Brook. The denim is a little heavier so I wasn't sure it would work but I actually really like them in a heavier, stiffer fabric. 

Here is Version #1 (darts and side zipper) with Version #2 bib (straight across). It is a size 4 so slightly larger on Nicola but still looks great. It is sewn up in a lighter weight fabric with some drape - a lovely black Tencel twill from ? The cropped versions are my favorite. I think they just look a little more dressy - especially with nice shoes. These are shown tied in the center back.

Above is Version #2 bottoms with back pockets and the bib from Version #1. This is a size 2 and the fabric is a lovely yarn dyed, 100% linen with gorgeous drape. It's tied in the front on the left and on the right (back view) the straps are over the shoulder and tied at the sides. You can tie these so many ways. If you don't want to tie them in the front, you may want to shorten the ties. 

Above is a more casual version #1 in Robert Kaufman cotton/linen denim. It's a light/mid weight denim and is sewn up in size 2.

Here they are through the back waist loops twice and then tied in the front.


The invisible side zipper on Version #1. 

   It is so important to have patterns tested by others before putting them out for the public. I was so fortunate to have some really great testers with great feedback and advice. It's also fun to correspond with other sewists when I'm working in my home office by myself. THANK YOU LADIES!!! Below are just some of the photos of the pattern testers in their Burnside Bibs. Keep in mind that I made some changes to the pattern after these were sewn. The main changes were taking out a bit of fullness at the back waist and also adding a darted, fitted, side zip version of the back pant.



 Meg from Cookin' and Craftin' blogspot in her straight front, full length version. They look great on her!


 Cath looking pretty in purple linen with her bike.

Some beautiful photos of Kelly from Casa Crafty blogspot. The following two photos are of Kelly as well.

Beth is cute and casual in her brown linen Burnsides. She added elastic to her back waist.

Ingrid is pretty in her cropped black Bibs.

A side view of Ingrid


Esther was so nice, she sewed them up twice.

First a loose pair in a size 6 and then a fitted pair in size 2. Here she is in her size 2, Version #1, fitted overalls.

Esther added a lovely embroidery detail to her front pocket topstitch.

I also want to thank Julie, Yling, Nadine, Sareena, Suzy, Crystal, Kim and Brenda for testing and reading through instructions for me. I am so grateful to you all! Keep on sewing!

Thanks for reading and remember to check out the Burnside Bib sale in the shop BURN25!

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