Introducing The Merlo Field Tee PDF Pattern!

     Happy Fall everyone! I'm here again talking about my latest pattern that I released today - The Merlo Field Tee. Autumn is my favorite time of year and I've been saving this pattern all the hot summer long - just waiting for the perfect time to release it during the cooler fall weather. 

     The Merlo Field Tee is the opitome of fall attire in my opinion, however, it really can be worn year round. The pattern has short sleeve and long or three-quarter length sleeve versions to accomodate the warm and cool, transitional fall weather. It also offers a crew neck option as well as a more open, wide neck option. The contrast stripes or piecing and curved hem give it a sporty, casual look that reminds me of Friday night football and soccer games that I haven't attended since high school but still remember fondly when autumn rolls around. Fall is also when I enjoy nesting inside my home and baking or making while I am dressed in some comfortable, knit clothes and the Merlo Field Tee is perfect for that. 

     This pattern was originally going to be paired with the Tabor V-Neck pattern since they both have the same drop-shoulder body shape, however, as they went through pattern testing, it was clear to me that they should be two seperate patterns and so I added a sweater version to the Tabor and saved the Merlo for a later date - now. 

     The Merlo Field Tee is really simple and easy to sew as long as you are comfortable sewing with knits. I think it looks best in drapey knits, however, it still looks great and may be easier for beginners to use more stable knits. Most of the photos below are in light and drapey rayon knits except for the white or natural with grey, long sleeve version which is shown in an organic cotton/hemp jersey that I found at The Confident Stitch . By the way, the lovely people there are offering 15% off their knit fabrics to my customers using code MERLO15. I am offering 20% off the Merlo pdf pattern on my website using code MERLO20 as well and both offers are good through October 24th, 2018

     Although this pattern is only offered as a pdf, is offering a special 40% disount on printing these beauties. Just use code MERLO40 on the Patternsy website and the offer is also good through October 24th. The price comes to somewhere around $9 for printing and shipping to the U.S. from the U.K. - an amazing deal! I am not certain of the price to other countries. These printed patterns are on lovely white, sturdy tissue and folded to the compact size of my own printed patterns. Customers who choose this will still be printing the instructions themselves. 

     Wide neck version #1 with 3/4 length sleeve B in rayon knit. 

 Another wide neck version #1 with 3/4 length sleeve B in rayon knit.

 Here is crew neck version #2 with long sleeve A in a hemp jersey knit with organic cotton jersey for the stripe-piecing.

Crew neck version #2 with short sleeve band C in rayon knit. The sleeves are rolled up here. 


Crew neck version #2 with short sleeve band C in rayon knit. 


And now for some lovey photos of some of the generous pattern testers who helped with the Merlo Field Tee. Thank you ladies! I couldn't do it without Rachel, Belinda, Maggie, Kristen, Emma, Melissa, Mahri and Mia. 

I love this striped version by Mahri made for and modeled by a friend of hers. 


A front and side view of Melissa looking sporty in her tee. 


I was honored to have my friend Maggie from way back when help me out and pattern test. Fun color combo!


Emma may not be too happy with me for posting this photo because she was accidentally wearing her tee backwards but I just love the color combo so I'm going to chance it - ha ha!

I think the subtle piecing of Kristins version is great using the same fabric but changin the stripe direction.


Rachel has been so helpful to me - quickly sewing up last minute garments to be sure everything is in order. Here she is in her first short sleeve version with fun striped insets. 


Belinda also made a solid tee with striped insets and I really love it.


And here is a reluctant photo of myself in one of the samples. 

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for the ever tardi Tabor V-neck, Montavilla Muumuu and Burnside Bibs sew-a-longs coming sorta soon!