V-Neck Remy & Romey Pattern Hack

It's very easy to make a V-neckline from the split front necklines of the Remy Raglan and Romey Gathered Dress/Top patterns. For this pattern hack, you only need to modify two pieces - the FRONT (neckline) and the length of the BIAS NECK FACING. 

Please note that this tutorial only focuses on the V-neckline instructions and pattern adjustments. You can find the complete garment tutorials here and here using the original, rounded neckline. 



1. Start by lowering the "stitch to here" notch by 1". Using your ruler, measure one inch down from the original center front notch and make a new notch. 



2. Now draw your new V-neckline by placing your ruler from the upper neck curve (as seen above) to the original notch and draw a new neckline.



Your new notch and neckline.


3. Now fold back the center front at the stitch line.


4. With the center front still folded back, cut along the new neckline.


The front is laid out flat or unfolded so you can see the top center is now mirrored.


5. Now fold back the center front 1/4"/7mm.


6. Trim the top corner so it mirrors the V edge. 


The front unfolded so you can see the new mitorred top corner. 


 7. Add 2" to the total length of the Bias Neck Facing.





 Fold the center front edge of the SPLIT FRONT in 1/4"/7mm toward the wrong side and press. Then with right sides together, attach the SPLIT FRONTS together at the center front seam with a 1/2"/ 13mm seam allowance (from the folded edge). Stop stitching at your new notch. 

 Lay the front open, wrong side up and press the seam open all the way up through the split front opening. 

 Unfold the top, center front, turned back seam allowance of the RIGHT FRONT and attach the BUTTON LOOP 3/8"/10mm down from the top with raw edges aligned. Stitch it down again just to the right side of the foldline on the seam allowance. 

 The view from the inside (backside).

 The view from the front side.

 Diagonally fold the ends of the BIAS NECK FACING and press. 



 With right sides together, attach the BIAS NECK FACING to the neckline of your garment. Start and stop where at the top corners of the angle folded facing ends. 


Turn the facings in 3/8"/10mm toward the inside and press. Then turn them completely inside and press (as seen in the original instructions).

 You will notice that when you turn the facing down, you have excess fabric protruding out beyond the folded facing end. 


 Unfold the facing ends and trim off the excess fabric on the outside of the fold lines. 


 The other side.

 Now fold the corner of the facing toward the inside and press. 


 And fold the facing back up, tucking everything neatly inside.


 All tucked in.


 Now you can stitch the neck facing in place depending on how you want the outside to finish. If you don't mind the neck stitching extending past the center front stitching, just stitch the facing all the way to the center front edge. Or.... you can stop the stitching where it meets the center front stitching and hand stitch the rest of it down so it isn't visible from the outside. 


And here it is from the right side. Now you can complete the rest of the garment as per the original instructions. 

I am not showing a finished image of this chambray linen Romey top just yet. I needed to leave the sleeve and side seams unfinished because I am adding some cross stitching embellishments to the sleeves and need to be able to lay the sleeves out flat to do my stitching. 

Here are some photos of my V-neck Romey Gathered Dress from last year.