Introducing The Skyline Tee!


I'm back again already with another pattern release. I'm thrilled to finally release the Skyline Tee pattern and only four years after it's inception (in true Peggy form haha). Not to mention, it's only a week after our Moon Booties pattern release (a rarity). 

Anyhow, I know that I say this every time I release a pattern but I really do LOVE this pattern. I get that t-shirt patterns aren't that exciting, however, Lately, I've been sewing useful clothing that I want and need to wear and I live in t-shirts and sweaters. The Skyline T-shirt was designed because I wanted a close fitting t-shirt that fit kind of like a leotard or bodysuit, but I absolutely hate wearing bodysuits. I wore them so often as a kid and it was such a pain to unsnap the crotch all the time and I always had extreme panty lines and if you also wear underwear, well, it's just a lot to deal with down there. 

Scoop front neck and scoop back neck version #1 with long sleeves A in full length - size 6. Made up in a bamboo and organic cotton light weight French terry from Nature's Fabrics. Their website said it only has 40% stretch in both directions but it seemed more like 50% when I measured it. I'm going to wear this one with a fancy skirt for a dressy holiday karaoke party.


The original inception of this pattern went through testing years ago during the pandemic but I didn't narrow the fabric stretch amounts down enough to get a more consistent fit.  I've now specified the fabric as a 4-way stretch knit with 50% stretch in both vertical and horizontal directions. The pattern also included some other neck variations. I decided that there were too many views for one pattern (I have to think about bulk and cost when printing my patterns) and so I split the styles up and another version with those options will be coming out soon. However, don't feel short changed with this pattern because there are still many variations in the Skyline pattern. So many, that I've been paralyzed trying to decide which view to feature. So many, that you can make a t-shirt for just about every occasion and season. So many that I'm just going to show you all of them in the line drawings below and some of the photo samples as well.  

 V-neck version #4 (wide neckband #4a) with cap sleeve C in the cropped length shortened another 1". Size 6 made up in a bamboo cotton jersey I purchased way back that is now out of stock at Blackbird Fabrics. I loved this fabric because although it is bamboo, it's not at all shiny.


 V-neck Version #4 (narrow neckband #4b) puff sleeves D in the full length. Size 20 curvy made up in bamboo organic cotton jersey. 


A close-up of the puff sleeve D.



Version #2 scoop front neck with a high back neck, puff sleeves D and cropped length. This is a size 20 made up in stretch soy jersey from our shop here.


Jewel neck version #3 with classic long, slim sleeves A and full length - size 6. This lovely olive knit fabric is a gorgeous blend of wool and rayon from Sewing Studio. This color is out of stock but she still has black and three other colors. 


V-neck View #4 (narrow neckband #4b) with slim long sleeves A in a cropped length. This is size 20 made in a charcoal heather bamboo spandex jersey fin our shop here.


View #2, sleeve A, full length, size 6 in a cinnamon or clay colored organic cotton lycra jersey. I bought this fabric from Iseefabric last year. They usually have a multitude of colors but are out of most of them right now - keep checking though. 


A classic black t-shirt, jewel neck view #3 with cap sleeves and full length - size 6. This is made up in black cotton lycra that we have in our shop here. It has quite a bit of stretch recovery so this shirt was a tad bit tighter on me than the other fabrics I used. It still works though. 


The scoop front neck can be used with a low back (seen above) or a high back. All other views have a high back. 


I really like to wear the cropped versions for stretching and yoga. This is the scoop front neck and high back neck view #2 with above-the-elbow length sleeves B and cropped length - size 6. 


View #2 with the scoop front neck and high back neck, cap sleeves C and full length. This is size 6 in our soy jersey here.  

 V-neck view #4 (neckband #4b) with sleeves B in full length - size 6. 


View #2, sleeve B, cropped in size 20.  This is a gorgeous organic cotton knit that I bought locally at Mill End fabrics. 


I hope these photos peak your interest. You can check out the Standard sizes Skyline pattern here or the Curvy sizes here. Either way, you get both size ranges with the pdf download.