Introducing The Moon Booties PDF Pattern!

Introducing our latest pattern - the Moon Booties! This pattern was released just in the nick of time. I really wanted to publish it before December so that people would have time to make them as holiday gifts. I was cutting it close with the deadline, but the pattern is here thanks to the help of some amazing and generous pattern testers who were willing to drop everything and work on them right away.

Way back in the 90s, I had a pair that I made that were very similar to the red ones below. I think I started from a pattern but then adjusted it so they would look like some I'd seen at REI. I wore them around the house but I also took them on backcountry ski trips to wear in the cabin after skiing. They were great not only because they were warm and comfy, but also because, although they weren't meant for wearing outside, the cordura and foam soles made them durable enough and waterproof enough to wear around cabin floors wet from tracked in melting snow. I could even pop outside briefly to fetch firewood with them on. 

Above photo - Moon Booties made of a waterproof and breathable outer fabric (available here in our shop in four colors listed separately) with a cordura outer sole and last, a light-weight nylon lining, insulated with polyester quilt batting and the inner foam sole upcycled from roll foam packaging material. 

So, back to the present day. Last winter, when I was visiting my parents, I found the pair that I made for my mom - also back in the 90s. I then decided that I would try to recreate the pattern for a release this holiday season because booties are a perfect handmade gift for just about everyone and you don't have to make them for skiing or for the outdoors person. You can also make a scrap-busting pair out of canvas or quilting cotton. I do advise to use a durable fabric like heavy canvas, cordura, denim or twill for the bottom soles and lasts so they don't wear out and get holes quickly. 

This pattern is also gender neutral and has a wide range of sizes. You can make a kid's pair starting from size 4 up to men's size 14 (US sizes). The instructions convert the various sizing - US, UK & EU. The sizing is also generous to accommodate a few sizes in one - kind of like small, medium, and large. I didn't go smaller with the sizing because I didn't want little ones who aren't as stable walkers to trip in them and I thought they might be tricky to sew around the foam and upper opening if they were any smaller. These booties are meant to be worn on either the left or right foot like socks. The inner elastic contouring and outer elastic drawcord secure them on your feet. I absolutely love the foam soles because they are not only comfortable and stable, but they are insulated from cold, wood, ceramic or cement floors. 

Here is the scrap-busting pair that I made using left over crocodile printed cotton canvas from Ruby Star Society. I love the crocodiles on them. And I just happened to have the perfect matching canvas leftover too. 

I usually try to use natural fiber fabrics when I can. However, the red booties in the top, second photo are made from synthetic fibers so they are light and water repellent for taking on outdoor trips (using after activities to warm up). Speaking of warming up, I didn't know this until the day I released this pattern but these booties are just like ones that dancers use to warm up their feet before or in between dancing. I love that they are so multi-functional. 


I will be posting a sewing tutorial for the booties in the next few days. I will link to some sources for fabrics and supplies in that post as well so stay tuned for that.

I will leave you with a few of the tester photos below. I'm only showing a few of them as I don't require that my testers share their photos. 

Cheers and happy sewing!



My size AC (women's US 8 - 9.5) pair. I love them so much!

Whitney @studio_whitneyjane made a kid's size KC (US 8 - 9.5) - cuuuute! I ended up shortening the top of the booties about 1.5" for the kids sizes.


Holly made a wool appliqued pair for herself - size AB (US women's 6 - 7.5). These look so good, I'd be tempted to wear them to work. 

I shortened the height about 1" after the testing.

Jane made booties for her husband in technical fabrics. They are size AE (men's US 10.5 - 12). 

Mieke @osterdalalven made this cute pair for her son in size KC (US kid's 8 - 9.5). She didn't have foam so she used layers of an old blanket for the inner soles. This worked but also makes the booties a little large and loose since the soles aren't rigid and are able to roll up at the sides. Still cute though. 

Judi @running_sew_n_sew (see her blog here) made this cute pair for her pregnant daughter. These are size AC (US women's 8 - 9.5).  I love them folded down to reveal the plush lining she used.