The Romey Gathered Dress & Top Pattern Tester Round-up


     Thank you so much for all of the Romey love! The release of our new Romey Gathered Dress & Top pattern has been a big success. Jane has an upcoming tutorial for the dress version on our new Youtube channel that will launch in a few days.

     I wanted to share with you just some of the pattern tester photos in this post. I can't stress enough how important pattern testers are to the pattern making process. I almost released the Romey pattern without pattern testing it. The reason being, the construction is so similar to the Remy Raglan pattern that I thought there wasn't much need to test it. Boy was I wrong! My testers found some minor errors and looked over or left out details as well as gave me great feedback on what worked best for this pattern. This just illustrated the importance of pattern testing and I now know that I will never release even the simplest of patterns without pattern testing. 

     On a side note - A few of our pattern testers who usually use Curvy patterns, found that because they were not truly curvy in the bust, the Curvy Fit front waist seam was a bit long on them. If you find that you are large in the bust as well as a size 16 or above, you may want to use the Curvy Fit version. If you find that you are a size 16 - 20, however, are not particularly large in the bust, you may want to use the Standard Fit pattern. If you are a size 22 and above but aren't particularly large in the bust, you may want to trim a bit off of the front waist curve (as shown below). Both Curvy and Standard fit patterns come with your purchase.

     I don't require our pattern testers to share photos but I welcome it if they are up for it. So here are just some of the pattern testers garments and photos from those who agreed to share them. Keep in mind that slight adjustments were made to the pattern after pattern testing. Enjoy!


Marcia @keechiibstyle showing how the Romey dress can be paired with a wide belt for a completely different look. Marcia is also pictured in the top photo.

Rebecca @rebeccacreechcreates in black viscose linen slub fabric. 

Martha Arzu @garichild looking beautiful in red cotton. 


Emiko @chickpeasewinglove chose a fabric with drape for less volume. 



Emme @rocksteadyemme in hot pink linen.


Katie @kak513 in a drapey poly print.

back view

Rachel @oakbluedesigns has been testing for us for a while now. Rachel is so detail oriented that we have been contracting her services to do the final proof-readings for our more recent patterns. 

Aaronica @needleandthebelle in the Romey Top - what a fun photo and top!

Deepthi in a printed Romey.

Amanda @mandabe4r in pink linen.

Daisy @barreto4727 in lovely blue linen.

Eliza @eliza.jay is pretty in pink. 

Our new Design Assistant Jane in one of the first garments she sewed for us here at Sew House Seven. Jane has been living in her tester version of the Romey long dress.  

Stay tuned for our video tutorial on Youtube - coming soon!


XOXO Peggy