Release of The Rose City Halter Dress Pattern!


     Ahhh.... Finally!  The Rose City Halter Dress pattern is here!  This pattern took much longer to create than anticipated however, I couldn't be happier with it and that it's finally arrived.  It's a classic summertime halter dress with 2 skirt options - a gathered version with in-seam pockets and an A-line, bias cut version with patch pockets.  The bodice is fitted with bust darts and has a V-neckline, halter neck ties and an invisible side zipper.  

     I drafted the first incarnation of this pattern about 8 years ago and made 3 dresses.  I still to this day wear those dresses like crazy.  I decided to make a few pattern tweaks and put it out there for the public as I think it's a style that is timeless and flattering and can take on so many personas depending on the fabric chosen.  I haven't deviated too far from the Sew House Seven theme of keeping things quick, simple, unique and easy enough for the beginner sewist.  While it's not an intensely laborious pattern, it takes a bit longer than the past 3 Sew House Seven patterns.  However, I've been able to sew dresses up fairly quickly from this pattern.  I will admit that this isn't an innovative design but it's a style that I wanted and couldn't find a pattern for when I was looking.  I also think that a beginner can tackle this with the detailed instructions however, I rated it for an advanced beginner/intermediate level sewist as there is some level of fitting the bodice (which a determined beginner can do) and there is an invisible zipper (I believe the instructions are pretty clear and helpful - I hope).

     As for my original motto of making patterns for beginners that are quick, easy, unique and stylish...... I would like the majority of my patterns to embrace this however, I will inflect more intricate styles to inspire sewists when I feel inspired to do so.  I have another simple style coming out - hopefully in the fall and then I am planning for a few more detailed and involved styles - but you never know - I am one to change my mind.  

     In the meantime, here are a few photos of the Rose City Halter dress.

                                                                                                                   Version A in a batik cotton. 

                                                                                                                      Version B in yarn dyed plaid.  

                                                  My good friend Becky modeling Version A in a yarn dyed check.  I wish she could have modeled all of my garments.


                                                                                                          Version A in Anna Maria Horner yarn dye check.


New Pattern Formats For The PDF Files & An Excuse For Why I've Been Using Bubble Wrap

     I also wanted to mention that I have reformatted all of the pdf downloadable patterns.  Copy shop large format files are now available and the print at home download files are now separated from the instructions so there are three files to download individually as needed.  The print at home pattern is also a little more paper friendly.  When I started Sew House Seven, I really wasn't that familiar with print at home patterns and wasn't sure about the tile size.  So.... I looked at what a few others were doing and copied their tile size not realizing that I could use more of the page by making my tiles larger.  I should credit Lauren at for opening my eyes to the paper waste.  

     Speaking of paper waste, I really dislike over packaging, plastic and paper waste which is why I feel I should defend my actions even though nobody has called me out on them.  If any of you have ordered patterns from me in the mail, you may have noticed all the bubble wrap I use.  Well.... I have loads of it that a friend gave me when they moved across country and the movers packed everything in bubble wrap.  It's perfectly good bubble wrap that should be reused so I am using it to keep your patterns nice and cushioned.  


Getting Ready For SIM (Sewing Indie Month)! 

     And last but definitely not least...... I am so excited to be a part of Sewing Indie Month aka SIM this year.  I've been so busy getting the Rose City Halter out that I haven't had time for much else but now I'm ready to turn my focus on this exciting event.  It's such a big deal and I am so honored to be included in this group of wonderfully talented pattern designers and bloggers.  So much so that I feel a bit guilty adding this as the short ending to this blog post.  I'm going to keep this brief as it's late and I really want to tell you all about this wonderful project in more detail when thinking a little more clearly so I'll blog more in the next few days with more information.  In the meantime here is a link to the Sew Independent site that has all of the details of the current bundle sale that started today  Please stay tuned because it's going to be fun - full of interviews, tutorials and sales!  Bye for now!