Remy Raglan Sleeve Button Hack


Love the rolled up sleeves on your Remy Raglan but having a hard time getting them to stay that way? Here's a simple hack that will keep your cuffs where you want them! 

You will need:

-2 matching buttons, size is optional but there will be an extra step if your buttons are smaller than 3/4"

-scrap fabric, enough to cut 2 button loop pattern pieces and two small squares to cover the seam (optional)

-needle and thread for attaching buttons


To begin, find the button loop pattern piece for version #2 of the Remy Raglan.

You will need to cut 2 for your sleeve button loops in addition to the one you will need for your neck button if you are making version #2.  

Button Loop pattern piece

Fold, press and edge stitch your sleeve button loops according to the button loop instructions, but DO NOT TRIM. We will be using the full length of this loop for our sleeves.

Press your loop into an arrow shape and overlap the raw edges; stitch.

With right sides of sleeve together, fold in half from the seam to find the center of the sleeve top. Mark 3" from the hemmed edge.

Stitch loop to inside of sleeve with 1/4" seam allowance, placing the raw edges on the 3" mark and the arrow end of the loop pointing towards the hemmed edge.

Sew your button onto the right side of the sleeve, placing the holes above the stitch line but making sure you are sewing the button through the raw edge of the loop. This will give your button extra stability and hide your stitch line.

OPTIONAL: Using a small square of fabric, press down all 4 edges and pin over raw loop edge. Whipstitch edges to cover raw edge of loop.

NOTE: If you would like to use a smaller button or if this loop is not holding the button properly, you can adjust easily by overlapping more of the loop and stitching across again closer to the arrow end of the loop.


Happy stitching-

We would love to see your new #remyraglan sleeve button loops on Instagram!