Sauvie Sundress Pattern Tester Roundup!

We have been so fortunate to work with wonderful pattern testers during our Sew House Seven pattern development. We really rely on their notes and critiques to ensure our patterns are the best they can be. It's also important to see how each size fits on different body types and the pattern is often adjusted during or after pattern testing.

We don't require that pattern testers share their prototype photos with the public but some have allowed us to do so. I want to share some of the beautiful tester photos with you here. Keep in mind that we do fit on a wide range of sizes but you may not see all of them here in this roundup. At the beginning of the testing process, we found the back to be a little too narrow on the first few testers. I decided early on to add some back width and most of the testers were able to adjust the pattern before they cut into their fabric but a few had already sewn theirs up. 

Rachel C (@scissorspapersewn) is wearing version 3 size 10.


 Swetha (@the.hemline.eclectic) is wearing version 2, size 4.


George Julian (@cackhandedstitcher) is wearing a curvy size 20 version 2.


Rachel (@oakbluedesigns) is wearing size 6 bust graded to 8 at the waist, version 4.


Abby (@abby_sews) is wearing version 2, size 4.


 Pip (@sewsustainablepip) is wearing size 6 bust size 4 body, version 2 with an added waist tie.


Siska (@mindfully_making) is wearing size 4, version 3.


Elisabeth (@thestitchywife) is wearing version 1, in size 12, with hacked shoulder ties. Elisabeth made three versions of the dress. Be sure to check out her pattern review on youtube!

Elisabeth in Version #3, size 12. 

Elisabeth in version #4, size 12.


Hannah (@muddyoakhennhouse) is wearing version 3, size 6.


Trista (@trisandpip) is wearing a curvy size 22, version 2.


Suzy (@suzyklst) is wearing version 1 in curvy size 22 graded to 24.


 Srebrenka (sewsilverluna888) is wearing version #3, size 24.


I hope you've enjoyed this pattern tester roundup! If you'd like to make your own Sauvie Sundress, you can find the standard sizes 00 - 20 pattern here and the curvy sizes 16 - 34 here.