New And Improved Toaster Sweaters Patterns Including Curvy Fit!


Hello again and Happy New Year!

     I wanted to let you know about our Toaster Sweater update situation. Today we are releasing the PDF versions of the updated Toaster Sweaters including the new Curvy size range (sizes 16 - 34). The printed patterns are a little late and should be here in mid February. I wanted to release them together, however, printing has really been backed up and I wanted my customers to be able to sew up the new Toaster Sweater while it's still winter here in the Northern hemisphere. 

     I've been working on adding the Curvy Toaster Sweaters to our line up for almost a year now (yes it takes me quite a long time to get a pattern finalized). At the same time, we wanted to give the standard size pattern an update as well. The new Toaster Sweaters are sized 00 - 20 instead of XS - XXL and the seam allowances have changed from 5/8" to 3/8". When I started Sew House Seven, I wanted to standardize all of the seam allowances at 5/8" but I now I don't see the need to do that. A 5/8" seam allowance is great for woven fabrics so you can easily let out the seams or make French seams. However, 5/8" is quite large when sewing knits on a serger and serging doesn't really allow for the letting out of seams anyhow. 

     The other updates that were made have to do with the PDF patterns. The Toaster Sweaters are now in layers and include projector files. The original Toaster Sweaters were created back when we weren't making our patterns in layers and I've been wanting to change that. This is our first projector file too! We have had many requests for projector files and now that I understand them a little better, we will be gradually adding them to our layered patterns and new patterns. 

     If you are a shop owner or buyer and are worried about having printed Toaster Sweaters in stock for upcoming classes, please contact me. I have saved some original Toaster Sweaters printed patterns for those who are conducting classes, however, I only have a limited supply so I took them off of our website. Some of our distributors may have inventory left but if not, please let me know and I will invoice and ship them to you directly. I hope to have the new patterns in stock by mid February. Oh and I almost forgot that the other update to the printed pattern is that the envelopes are now sturdier and beautifully designed! I'm really excited about our new envelopes. All of our patterns will soon be packaged in these beautiful envelopes. 

Take care and happy sewing!