Holiday Gifting DIY: Biscornu Sewing Machine Needle Cushion

If you sew, you've been there... sewing machine needles of unknown origins stuck to your pin dish. 

Keep them organized and cut down on unnecessary trips to the notions aisle with this custom needle cushion! Made from the four most common fabrics for which you might change your sewing machine needle. Simply stick your needle in the corresponding fabric type.


This method can be used to make a cushion of any size, as long as the top and bottom squares are the same size- Try using your larger fabric scraps for a throw pillow or even a dog bed.


You will need:

-scrap of opaque silk or rayon fabric

-scrap of denim 3" or larger

-scrap of woven fabric 3" or larger and another 5 1/2" or larger

-scrap of knit fabric 3" or larger

-iron-on interfacing (great use for smaller scraps)

-chalk or fabric marker

-clear grid ruler

-scissors or rotary cutter


-1 button

-small fabric or yarn scraps for stuffing (emptying your serger basket works well here)

-needle and thread



1. Cut one 3" square from each fabric. Cut a 3" square of iron-on interfacing for the silk/rayon and knit fabric, optional for the woven fabric depending on your fabric weight. Apply the interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric.

Cut one 5 1/2" square from woven fabric, ideally not too heavy. This will be your bottom.

2. Arrange your squares in a 2x2 grid however you would like the top to look. Sew two squares in each column together using 1/4" seam allowance, press seams open.

3. Line up with right sides together matching center seams. Pin. Stitch using 1/4" seam allowance, press seam open. You should now have a 5 1/2" square.


On the right side of the bottom square, mark halfway point of all 4 sides 1/4" from fabric edge.

On the right side of the top square, mark 1/4" from fabric edge in each corner.

With right sides together, line up one of the top corner marks with one of the halfway bottom marks. Pin.

Begin sewing all the way around the cushion, continuing to line up top corners with bottom sides. To sew a continuous line, pivot at all marks by lifting the machine foot and adjusting the fabric with the needle down. Sew 1/4" past the last corner, leaving a small opening for filling. Backstitch at beginning and end of seam. 

Turn right side out. Stuff with small fabric, thread or yarn scraps- you want a pincushion to be pretty firm, but if you are modifying these instructions for a pillow you might want to leave it on the fluffy side. Make sure not to overstuff the middle as you will be sewing a button through the center. To avoid lumps, shred larger pieces of fabric with a rotary cutter and ruler.

Sew opening shut with a needle & thread using a whipstitch or an invisible stitch such as ladder stitch.

Sew a button through the center of the cushion, attaching it to both top and bottom. This will give the biscornu its final shape.