Tea House Top & Dress: Pockets and Ties

Hello again, stitchers! Today we start on Page 8 of the pattern. We get to install our ties (for views A, B, and C), make up our pockets (for all views except A), and make our ties (for views A, B, and C). I know, that sounds a bit confusing! I am going in order of the pattern booklet, so just skip the parts that aren't applicable to you.

For the wide ties (views A, B, and C) pin the tie to the joined front, aligning notches and making sure the ties angle downward. Go ahead and stitch at 3/8" from the edge:

Now, pockets! We have pockets in all views except the top. First, we install our interfacing, 3/8" from the raw edge:

Fold twice - 3/8" from the top edge and then along the interfaced fold line. Press:

Fold the bottom of the pocket in a 1/4" double-fold and press. Stitch the top double-folded edge, 7/8" from the folded edge:

Pin the pocket to Side Front (A), matching the notches.  

We will be basting the sides together (they will be enclosed in the body of the dress), and edgestitching along the bottom of the pocket (shown below):

This pocket lower edge, as shown from the interior of the dress:

Set aside the fronts of the dress (shown below in a chambray from Robert Kaufman).

Now, let's make our ties and back tunnel for views D, E, and F!

First, fold the Back Tunnel (I) in half lengthwise. Stitch, press the seam open, and center this seam along the tunnel before lightly pressing again:

Go ahead and finish the short edges of the tunnel. I simply pinked, knowing it would be stitched and pressed in the next step:

Time to stitch the tie! Stitch with a nice short stitch, 1/4" from the lengthwise fold:

Turn the tie, steam it into shape, and knot the ends.

Finally, stitch the back tunnel to the dress, along the markings leaving the sides open for inserting the tie. Backstitch securely at the start and finish of these two seams:

We are over halfway done with our Tea House! If you have a question, please post in the comments!