Inroducing The Montavilla Muumuu PDF Pattern!

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Photo by Molly Quan (Robert Kaufman fabrics).     

     Hello fellow sewists! Summer seems to be closing in on us in my neck of the woods, but the heat continues. Once again, I come a little seasonally late with my newest pattern but like I said - the heat continues. Meet the Montavilla Muumuu sewing pattern (#Montamuumuu). The long version of this dress was inspired by the Hawaiin muumuu however, I added a mini dress and top for some versatility and options.

     I first designed the long dress with the idea that the front vents/slits at the hem and the long length would create some air movement for the summer heat. I mostly wear comfortable dresses while working in my office during the summer. By the way, Montavilla is the neighborhood I used to live in that is only a couple blocks away from my current home. You can call it Montamuumuu for short. I am notorious for long names that are ridiculous for Instagram hashtags - apologies - I'm finally catching on. Anyhow, I envisioned it in a linen or flowy rayon like the Robert Kaufmann fabrics used in these samples (Rustica Chambray & Brussels Washer Linen). 

     This is a pdf only file for the moment. I may have it printed in paper form at a later date. It is also rated confident beginner. Read on for more pattern details. 


Photo by Katharine T. Jacobs (Rustica Chambray by Robert Kaufman).

     The key to this style is beautiful simplicity with a few interesting construction details. The main detail is the little sleeve ruffle or flounce created by the shoulder dart. The outer dart leg is slightly gathered up to create a bit of a sleeve that can be more pronounced with crisper fabrics such as cottons and stiffer linens or lightly flutter with drapey fabrics such as rayon challis. The side panel or underarm has a tunnel with a bit of elastic gathering to make this an easy, pull-on, no closures to sew style. You can wear it loose (like a muumuu) or belt it with your own belt or the pattern includes an optional tie. The dress versions include very large and deep pockets on the side panels.

Photo by Katharine T. Jacobs (Linen/Rayon blend).

      Some of the pattern testers for the Montavilla Muumuu requested a tunic or short dress version so a mini muumuu was created. The look is completely different here in black linen. 

      Photo by Katharine T. Jacobs (Hemp/Organic cotton by Pickering). 

     The top is a simple, no pockets, no tie design that only takes a little over a yard - a great scrap buster. I prefer it tucked in but you can decide - tucked in or out. 

Photo by Katharine T. Jacobs (Italian linen purchased from Josephine's Dry Goods).
Photo by Molly Quan (Ikat fabrics - Dakota Stars) 

     The rest of this blog post is just pretty photos that I love sharing. I hope to have a sewalong soon but I am still behind on the Tabor V-neck sewalong. I was in the middle of getting it ready but of course was side-tracked by this design. I am lucky to be self employed. If I had a boss I would probably be fired for not completing the tasks at hand in an orderly fashion. 

     I hope to share some of the pattern tester photos before I do the sewalong. I am always greatful for wonderful, generous pattern testers. They contributed so much to the process. Thank you to Rachel, Mahri, Mia, Meg, Joanne, Samantha, Teirney, Makeda, Frauke, Naomi, Alyssa, Cindy, Erin & Erin! 


Anyhow, enjoy the photos and don't forget to check out the Sew House Seven website as there is a sale going on as I usually do when releasing a new pattern. The sale runs until August 21st (2018 I should add).

And now for some pretty pictures.

Photo by Molly Quan

Photo by Molly Quan

Photo by Molly Quan

Photo by Molly Quan

Thanks for reading!



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  • Anouk Jaaniste on

    What a great pattern. Looks great as a dress and top and great on all body shapes. Love the dart detail and elastic in the armhole. Beautiful.

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