A Call For Pattern Testers! July 08 2016 9 Comments

Hello All!

I hope this finds you well. I'm just humming along after a nice, long 4th of July weekend in the Columbia Gorge with friends. This summer has truly kept this family busy in one way or another. Our weekends are pretty much booked up and we have plenty of guests coming for visits from all sorts of far away places. As busy as I am - I love it! And... I am still managing time to work. In fact, I have a new pattern that needs testing so I can release it sometime this summer (fingers crossed). 

I have to admit that I've been bumping and scraping along in this business - just learning as I go about how this community is used to operating. With my past patterns, I had local test sewers helping me out (aside from Melissa of Rebel and Malice on the Tea House - thank you Melissa!). I thought it would work best that way (keeping it private) however, I am now seeing the benefits of having a broader community of test sewers. I was overwhelmed with a great response to my last pattern The Tea House Top & Dress and many of you asked to see images of it on a variety of bodies. Well... I didn't have images to show (at least nice images with beautiful fabrics other than muslins). I also know how fun it is to interact and get reactions and feedback from the actual customers so I am now calling out to ask for your help - anyone interested in test sewing?

I am looking for a range of sizes and shapes as well as sewing abilities, bloggers and non-bloggers alike. You pretty much just have to be willing to sew within a 2 week time frame. If the time does't work for you or the pattern just isn't your thing, I can put you on the list for a future project (if you'd like).

If you are interested, please email through my website's contact page and include the following information:

In the subject line please write TEST SEWER and your size

example - subject TEST SEWER 8) 

In the body of your email please list:

your name

your size (using the chart below)

your height

your sewing level (beginner/ intermediate/ advanced)

whether you are a blogger or not (I want a mix of both). 

I have no idea how many responses I'll get but if you do not hear back from me it means that I had too many responses to reply to and I will put you on a list for the next project. If I don't get enough applicants well... I'll just have to beg you few to recruit your mothers and daughters and friends (ha ha - I'm not joking).

In repayment for test sewing, you will get a final copy of the pattern (some patterns will only be in pdf form and not printed) and you may choose 2 patterns (printed or pdf) from the website shop. I will also credit you and post your photos on my blog. I also hope to compile photos of all Sew House Seven garments in the wild for a page that I will be adding to my website. I can't wait to hear from those of you who are interested! 


Are Sew-A-Longs Helpful?

Another topic... I would also like your opinion on Sew-A-Longs. When I recently quit my day job so I could focus on Sew House Seven full time, I had plans of doing lots of sew-a-longs and tutorials as well as more patterns. Now that I am free, I am trying to budget my work time and had planned on starting on a sew-a-long but really, really want to work on new patterns. Most of my patterns are pretty easy and straight forward so I'm wondering if sew-a-longs are valuable here. I truly want to do what's best for my customers so I am putting these questions out there - Do you find sew-a-longs helpful? Does having a sew-a-long influence whether or not you purchase a pattern? Would you rather have sew-a-longs or more patterns available? Is there anything else you look for in an indie pattern company that I should know about? I would love your feedback so I can continue to evolve Sew House Seven - thanks!