Sewing With My Boy! December 20 2015 5 Comments

     Hello there!  It's the holiday season and I'm knee deep in Sew House Seven projects as well as gift projects .  Amid all of the chaos, I'm so happy to announce that my son actually likes sewing!  I always thought that if I ever had a child, I would teach him or her to sew.  Once my son came along, I was so busy that I myself didn't even sew for quite a while.  Once I dusted off my machine and thought about sewing with my kid, the timing always seemed to be off - he was still too little or wasn't interested.  And then.... I actually thought that maybe I should give up the idea because he's a boy and wouldn't be interested -gasp!  Well... recently, while I took over the dining room with my sewing projects, my son and his friends were all very interested in what I was doing.  They all expressed interested in wanting to learn to sew.  I was thrilled and decided that even though I was absurdly busy, I was going to take the time off to show them.  I couldn't believe that my son could reach the foot pedal.  I assumed he wasn't big enough but he is 8 and that's about the age that I started sewing.  Although, I had a knee lever back then.  

     The results of our sewing session are pillows out of Pendleton wool scraps and they turned out great!  I've decided that we are going to make them for Christmas gifts - as long as my boy doesn't loose steam.  I don't want to start a sweat shop here or anything.  For his first pillow, he made a pieced blue version for himself.  He stuffed it with poly stuffing.  He then (with my help) made one that was black with tan and a few other colors for our neighbor for her birthday. This one had a zipper and a pillow insert.  It looked so great that we've had requests.  I hope we have time to get them done.

     In any case, I'm thrilled to know that boys want to sew too and my next challenge is to teach my reluctant husband.  Part of his reluctance is that he's very busy with our house remodel.  The other part is that he has absolutely no interest in clothes.  I keep telling him that it's a skill everyone should have even if it's not for clothing.  It seems there's always something to be repaired or hemmed whether they're curtains or pants.  Our male sailing friends repair their own sails.  My old snowboarding buddy (a man) made his own coats and bibs for snow sports.  Sewing has many practical applications rather than just fashion.  In short, I love hearing about men who sew.  I have a returned excitement to nurture this with my own child.