The Saltbox Top Pattern by Blueprints For Sewing August 10 2015



     Here I am at my computer on another late night.  How does that always seem to happen?  Hmmmmm..... anyhow, I just finished sewing up the brand spankin' new Saltbox Top by Blueprints For Sewing.  This pattern is currently only available with the SIM pattern bundle sale going on now at Sew Independent until Wednesday, August 12th.  Of course it will be available after the sale all by its lonesome self but, it was so nice to get it hot off the press and with several other great patterns as well.  

     I've been eager to sew up some of the wonderful designs by my fellow designer/patternmakers.  Unfortunately, just like my fabric purchasing habit, I bit off more than I could sew.  I've been eyeing the Cookie Blouson pattern for a while now.  I decided this was the perfect opportunity to sew it up to help promote the SIM sale however, I just didn't have time to get it anywhere near finished before the sale ends.  For some reason I thought I could finish it along with a couple other blouses.  Sigh.... the only one I had time for was the Saltbox Top.  However, this is no consolation prize, it turned out to be a winner!  I cropped it quite a bit because I'm on the petite side.  I had some left over fabric from the Pendleton Portland Collection and it was just enough to eek out this cute little top.  It was such a quick and satisfying project.  I actually almost finished it last night but didn't get the bias neck and armhole facing on until tonight.  I used pattern version 2.  Version 1 has short set in sleeves.  It's a great design for pattern mixing because of the asymmetrical piecing however, I used the same fabric and changed the direction of the stripey thingies.

     Well... short but sweet.  I'm signing off for the evening.  Goodnight all!