Tea House Instruction Error & The Indie Pattern Month 2nd Bundle Sale June 10 2016

Hello all! Well.... I wanted to let as many of you as I can know that one of my customers found an error with the Tea House instructions. On page 6, the first step of making the box pleat should say fold the back with wrong sides together - not right sides together. I've been frantically trying to insert tiny messages in each envelope for all my remaining patterns and contacted the shops selling the patterns to do the same. Luckily I was able to fix my pdf files before I posted them on my site however, the customers at UpCraft Club received the incorrect files. They were sent the corrected files a day later - the day I found the mistake. Alright - I'm going to move on now and not beat myself up too much. Iknow these things happen but ah..... what can I say.




Now for the good news. It's Indie Pattern Month over at the Monthly Stitch and now the Second Bundle sale is happening. My Alberta Street Pencil Skirt is part of this sale. Check it out here.


 In other news.... Tuesday was my last day at Pendleton. It was bitter sweet. I've been so anxious to move on and focus on Sew House Seven that I had no idea I would be so emotional when it came to actually leaving. My co-workers had a potluck for me with a bean and Kombucha theme. We made bean bowls with all kinds of healthy toppings. I should be flattered but it's kind of funny that everyone makes fun of me because I love Kale chips and other healthy foods. I do love a good pastry and I'm no saint when it comes to eating habits but I'm seen as the health food nut there. I was crying - not a bit of mascara left on my stubby lashes. Everyone came out wearing a sweater that I had designed motifs into. It was fun to see my recent work all worn on my friends. Ah.. but moving on will be good. It's the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. I'll get out of my pajamas, fix myself up and meet them downtown for lunch a few times a month.

 And on that note, I'm letting you all know that I am taking a much needed break. My son's birthday is today and I'm worn out from a sleepless night of hyper boys sleeping over and days of little sleep trying to ship packages out. I'm leaving tomorrow morning and will be gone a week. I'll get to any shipments that come in after tonight when I return. My husband will be home to help with any fires. The timing seems bad - during this new pattern release but I need a break and I'm meeting some dear friends I haven't seen in a while. Thank you all for reading. I'll post again when I return.