It's Indie Pattern Month! And It's Full Time Sew House Seven For Me Now June 04 2016 2 Comments

Hello again! Are you surprised to get another blog post from me so soon? I know I've not been too present on this blog but that's all about to change and I'll tell you why in a bit but first........It's Indie Pattern Month! 

I've been so busy with my latest pattern release that I didn't have time to promote this wonderful event. It truly is wonderful to be involved with such amazing people. Kat from Muse Patterns and an editor at The Monthly Stitch and I have become pen pals or rather keyboard pals in the past year after virtually meeting during last years Sew Indie Month. She's been a great emotional support for me as I had second thoughts about a few of my patterns that I was working on as well as connected me with people in the industry. In any case, I was thrilled when she asked me to be part of Indie Pattern Month. You can read all about Indie Pattern Month on the blog The Monthly Stitch. They even did an interview with me here! I was really flattered when I saw the line up of the other pattern designers who were sponsoring this event. There are some great prizes and contests so please do check it out. There's a bundle sale that's been happening since May 26th and is only on a little longer so don't wait.



In other news....Life is good, life is great! I gave my notice at work and I'm going to be working on Sew House Seven patterns full time now (well.... 3 days from now). I hope to be blogging every Monday with some exceptions for traveling etc. I also have a goal of finally making some tutorials and hopefully being more prolific with my pattern making among other things and I'm so excited I can't tell you.

I will truly miss my time at Pendleton. In this world full of fast fashion, it's been wonderful to work for a place that is still dedicated to making unique, quality clothing, has so much heritage, and is family owned. Also, I share an office with another woman who is also a surface/sweater designer and we have grown so close - like sisters really. We laugh a lot and talk about everything and I mean EVERYTHING together. There are many other great people there who I will truly miss seeing on a daily basis as well -it's a big change but it was time.

This Sew House Seven endeavor really has been my passion. I just haven't been able to put the time into it to make it really great as I've had to work and make time for my family, along with house remodel projects. The stress really got to me over the winter and my husband encouraged me to just do it - just quit and focus on my passion so I am - thank you honey! Knowing I was going to be quitting my job soon and working on this full time, I gave myself a hall pass on doing much work other than getting my new pattern out (the Tea House Top & Dress). I didn't blog, I didn't post much on Instagram or Facebook. I wasn't taking a break but rather, taking a break from the social media part of promotion which is a big part of it all that I haven't been fully focusing on. This is the part that should be fun - connecting with my community. I want it to be fun and not a daunting task therefore, the break until I was ready. My biggest fear is that with all of this time I will be devoting to Sew House Seven, I still won't get very much accomplished. I am fully aware of how the day can slip away from me when I don't button down the hatches and really start sailing. There's so much to be done and nobody to help me figure it all out. I hate reading instructions and I really don't absorb information unless it's something I'm passionate about or use all the time so it takes me twice as long as the average person to figure it all out. At least I'll be fully immersed in it and that will be good. And Shopify (the platform for my website) is so great - with amazing customer service. I called the other night and after the woman fixed my problem ASAP, we chatted for a while about sewing. It turned out that she had been in the apparel industry in Vancouver B.C. and was sick of it, found her dream job at Shopify and was living in the beautiful mountains somewhere in Canada. I was glad to hear that I'm supporting a company that makes their employees happy. 

So back to my business.... so far so good however, I've been knee deep in orders with the new pattern release. That is a great problem to have although, I thought I'd have more time to work on patterns this weekend but I must take care of my customers first. I am planning a little getaway with my son when he's out of school next week so I've been working hard before hand. I did take a much needed break Friday to go mountain biking with my husband (who has been working like crazy lately as well). Here he is wearing his Sew House Seven t-shirt that cracks me up. When I first started the business, he took it upon himself to have some t-shirts made. I told him I didn't want to go into the t-shirt business and would rather wear something I made so he's been wearing them around himself- even mountain biking - ha. He loves the logo and was sad I changed it - simplified it. I kind of threw it together in a hurry when I started and then thought it looked too fussy so it's simple now.

Alright. That's enough for now. I'll be back soon with some sewing project photos next time.

Thanks for checking in!